5 Questions to Ask a Senior Home Care Agency

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5 Questions You Need to Ask an Elderly Home Care Agency in Roseville, CA

Choosing the right home care provider for your elderly loved one can be a daunting task. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to determine if you’ve found the perfect Roseville caregivers to meet your loved one’s needs. With adequate research and diligence in the interviewing process, making an informed hiring decision can be easy. Following are 5 of the top questions to ask a senior home care agency before committing to the services it provides.

1. What Certifications, Qualifications, and Experience Are Required?

A reputable and well-established Roseville home care agency will have strict hiring standards in place. These entities make sure their clients always have access to seasoned professionals who have been diligently screened and are in possession of the appropriate skills. Find out if an agency performs criminal background checks on their personnel and if caregivers are certified in CPR and basic first aid.

2. Are There Quality Control Measures in Place?

Find out whether or not the agency’s supervisors have an established way of ensuring workers are always providing an acceptable level of care. Many agencies make regular quality assurance visits and phone calls. They should also have strategies in place for ensuring qualified company representatives properly supervise their employees.

3. What Services Are Provided?

People can have vastly different needs at this stage of life. Some seniors need assistance with grooming and basic self-care, while others might require limited housekeeping services and meal preparation assistance. It is generally best to work with agencies that have a diverse and flexible range of services so your loved one will get the help and support he or she requires as personal challenges and needs increase.

4. Do Caregivers Have Access to Continuing Education?

Innovations in senior care are made daily, many of which are making it significantly easier for aging adults to have a high quality of life in spite of marked changes in cognition and mobility. Finding a home care company committed to providing its employees with access to specialized and continuing education can ensure your loved one benefits from these innovations as they arise.

5. Is the Agency Licensed and Insured?

Licensing and insurance are the foremost signs of a legitimate business. Working with a licensed and insured agency can give you greater peace of mind and a sure form of recourse should these services prove unsatisfactory at any point. It is also far easier to track the history of a home care agency that has professional licensing and insurance in place.

Make sure the home care provider you choose considers your loved one’s health and safety a top priority. For part-time and 24-hour care Roseville seniors can rely on, turn to Home Care Assistance. Our caregivers are expertly trained to assist with a wide variety of daily tasks and build upon their expertise and experience when enrolled in our Home Care Assistance University. We also perform extensive background checks on our potential caregivers, we are licensed and insured, and all of our senior care services are backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. To learn more and to schedule a free consultation, call (916) 226-3737 today.


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