5 Ways to Combat the Aging Process

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Tips to Combat the Aging Process in Roseville, CA

Due to many different biological and environmental factors, everyone undergoes the aging process. As adults grow older, several body systems slow down or don’t function as efficiently compared to their younger years. However, there are several lifestyle changes seniors might consider adopting to prevent or slow down the effects of aging. 

1. Follow the Mediterranean Diet

A study published in Neurology revealed the foods in the Mediterranean diet have brain-protecting properties. The eating regimen involves choosing mainly poultry and fish along with sparingly including lean red meats, and it also allows for an abundance of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. Olive oil is used for cooking and other types of food preparation. These foods provide a wealth of antioxidants that prevent free radicals from causing cell aging, damage, and death. Eating healthier helps seniors maintain an appropriate weight, keeps LDL cholesterol at acceptable levels, and lowers the risk of developing various medical conditions.

Lifestyle changes such as following a healthy diet can help seniors maintain healthy bodies and minds. If your aging loved one needs help managing everyday tasks or encouragement to adopt healthier lifestyle choices, turn to Home Care Assistance, a leading provider of senior home care. Home Care Assistance provides professional in-home caregivers around the clock to help seniors live longer, happier, and healthier lives.

2. Avoid Sugar

When sugar enters the body, the molecules adhere to fats and proteins, which is called glycation. The result involves the production of advanced glycation end products (AGEs). These compounds interact with proteins, causing malformation and stiffening. Glycation also creates free radicals, which damages connective tissue, causes chronic inflammation, and leads to the development of Alzheimer’s, cataracts, cardiovascular diseases, and liver and pancreas damage. 

3. Exercise Regularly

Routine exercise has been shown to reduce the risk of developing dementia-related disorders. Exercise also helps other body processes stay youthful by ensuring adequate levels of oxygen and nutrient-rich blood are continually flowing to each cell. The immune and lymphatic systems are also enhanced. Physical activity also helps seniors remain flexible, mobile, and balanced. Running as little as 5 to 10 minutes each day has been proven to extend life expectancy by up to 3 years. Healthcare providers generally recommend older adults strive to get at least 150 minutes of moderately strenuous exercise each week.

With the help of professional caregivers, seniors can exercise safely and continue living on their own. When considering homecare services, Rocklin, CA, families should make sure their senior loved ones have the resources they need to maintain their independence and remain healthy. Trusted in-home care professionals can assist seniors with daily tasks like cooking, bathing, and exercise, and they can also encourage them to focus on healthier lifestyle habits.

4. Receive Daily Cognitive Stimulation

Stimulating different areas of the brain simultaneously encourages neurotransmitter production and release. Brain exercise also encourages neurons to form more communication pathways, which also reduces the risk of developing cognitive impairment. If the brain is functioning at optimal levels, other body systems follow. 

5. Care for the Skin

Glycation damage also becomes apparent in the skin. Collagen and elastin fibers undergo discoloration and become weak, which causes sagging, wrinkling, and dull skin. The skin damage intensifies when combined with environmental factors such as chronic UVA and UVB exposure and smoking. Older adults need to protect their skin while outdoors and quit smoking. Alcoholic beverages dehydrate the skin, so they should be consumed sparingly. Seniors should be gentle when cleansing the skin and seal in moisture with a moisturizer. 

Seniors can significantly lessen the effects of aging by making a few lifestyle changes. However, some older adults may need assistance from trusted companions to maintain a healthy lifestyle. For families living in Rocklin, respite care can be a wonderful solution when their aging loved ones need companionship and socialization a few hours a week or just need minor assistance with daily household tasks. At Home Care Assistance, we thrive on helping seniors maintain their independence while living in the comfort of home. Call us at (916) 226-3737 to learn about our comprehensive in-home care plans.


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