Common Warning Signs of Senior Eye Diseases

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Typical Eye Diseases Among Seniors in Roseville, CA

Experiencing a few changes in vision is a natural part of aging, but there are some developments that may indicate a more serious condition. If your senior loved one displays any of these symptoms, Roseville, CA, in-home elder care experts recommended getting his or her eyes checked right away.

A Single Red Eye

Contrary to what many people believe, having two red eyes is generally a much less serious problem than a single red eye. In most cases, two red eyes are the result of a cold or allergies. If only a single eye is red, your loved one might have a deep inflammation, which is generally caused by other progressive medical conditions such as lupus and inflammatory bowel disease. 

Blurred Vision

No matter what the cause might be, blurred vision should never be ignored. A sudden vision complication in a single eye is often a warning sign of an imminent stroke, and the slower development of blurred vision is typically caused by macular degeneration. Though there is no cure for most forms of macular degeneration, seniors who catch this condition early can often slow its progression with prescription medication or laser therapy.

Seeing Floaters or Flashing Lights

Seniors who notice floaters moving across their field of vision or flashing lights off to one side should immediately be tested for a detached retina. When a retina is only partially detached, seniors will almost always begin to notice these vision abnormalities. Preventing slips and falls can help your loved one avert a detached retina, and he or she should schedule a full eye exam if he or she has recently had an accident involving the head.

Behavioral Changes

According to the American Foundation for the Blind, seniors who begin to act strangely should receive an eye exam as well as a full medical exam. Many older adults exhibit unusual behavioral problems when their vision begins to decrease. For instance, they may begin to bump into things more frequently or walk closer to walls. These changes are often caused by confusion and frustration over their changes in vision. Scheduling at least one eye exam every year can help your loved one catch these issues in their earliest stages.

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