7 Sources of Stress that Lead to Higher Alzheimer’s Risk

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Stressors that Increase the Risk of Alzheimer's Disease in Roseville, CA

A new study referenced by Alzheimers.net found stressful life experiences may age the brain and contribute to an increased risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. There’s additional research suggesting a possible link between stress and cognitive decline. While not all sources of stress can be entirely avoided, there are certain stressors that tend to be more likely to contribute to the type of brain-related changes associated with Alzheimer’s. Seven of these stressors are discussed below.

1. Marital Issues

Clinical Psychology News notes that marriages often undergo added stress when couples get older. Part of the reason for this may be because marriage-related goals and patterns established earlier in life change over time. Other times, lingering issues are brought to the surface once older couples have more time to spend with one another. Marriage counseling or therapy may ease this type of stress.

2. Deaths of Loved Ones or Friends

Some stress following the death of a loved one or friend is expected for anyone, including seniors. This type of stress can become a problem if it contributes to depression and a loss of mental focus and clarity. Grief counseling and similar therapies may minimize this type of stress.

3. Financial Concerns

The website reversemortgagealert.org reports roughly 30 percent of people 50 and older are stressed about financial issues. This applies to nearly 20 percent of adults 70 and over. Older adults may be able to reduce stress related to financial woes with debt counseling or input from financial advisors.

4. Physical Limitations

The type of stress that may increase the risk of Alzheimer’s sometimes develops because of concerns related to physical limitations. Such issues could also contribute to decreased socialization, loneliness, isolation, and frustration. Seniors may be able to manage worries like this with in-home care, customized physical therapy plans, activity modifications, transportation services, or the use of assistance devices.

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5. Chronic Depression

According to the CDC, depression isn’t a normal part of aging, and it can contribute to significant stress and have a widespread impact on mental and physical health. Depression may also contribute to the type of stress that boosts Alzheimer’s risk if it goes untreated or gradually worsens. Treatment typically involves a combination of medication and therapy. Love and support from family members can also be beneficial.

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6. Family Squabbles

Not all families enjoy peace and harmony at all times. However, ongoing family issues that often leave an older adult right in the middle of things can contribute to increased stress and anxiety. Family therapy sometimes helps with situations like this. Even just taking the time to clear the air and handle lingering family issues may be helpful.

7. Unresolved Trauma

Some seniors have a gradual and progressive increase in stress if they experienced traumas earlier in life whose effects were never addressed and resolved. In some cases, post-traumatic stress may set in and further contribute to the type of stress that can negatively affect an aging brain. Therapy and family support are often helpful for situations like this.

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