Outdoor Activities for Aging Adults with Parkinson’s

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Fun Outdoor Activities for Seniors with Parkinson's in Roseville, CA

Spending time outdoors has many benefits for seniors with Parkinson’s, but it is important to choose activities tailored to fit the abilities of someone with this condition. The following outdoor activities provide opportunities for socialization, relaxation, and exercise, and can easily be modified for seniors receiving Parkinson’s care in Roseville.

Going on a Walk in the Neighborhood

Walking is especially beneficial for seniors in the early stages of Parkinson’s. However, it is important to carefully plan the route to make sure curbs and other obstacles will not interfere with your loved one’s symptoms. Walks are an excellent outdoor activity because you can plan short walks with frequent breaks to reduce fatigue, and your loved one can use a mobility device if needed.

Painting Landscapes

Hand tremors are a classic Parkinson’s symptom, but many seniors find keeping their hands in motion can reduce shakiness. Painting is one way to help manage this symptom, and taking this creative activity outdoors can also promote relaxation, which can calm symptoms like agitation. Depending on your loved one’s symptoms, he or she can sit or stand while painting.

Having a Picnic in the Park

Eating outdoors may help stimulate your loved one’s appetite, and it can help him or her relax if he or she has difficulty chewing. Make sure to pack a basket filled with healthy foods your loved one is comfortable eating. If he or she uses special utensils, don’t forget to include them in your picnic basket.

Watching a Live Sporting Event

In every community, sporting events draw a crowd, and you can find a variety of events a senior with Parkinson’s can enjoy. Watching a grandchild compete in sports, for instance, is a great way for your loved one to bond with the family. If your loved one has difficulty with posture or staying in one position for a long time, bring along a comfortable chair or stay only through one portion of the game. 

Parkinson’s symptoms can be more easily managed with the help of a professional caregiver. At Home Care Assistance, our caregivers can assist your loved one with mobility and transportation, and they can also provide the social stimulation and emotional support he or she needs. For more information on home care Roseville families trust, call one of our knowledgeable Care Managers at 916.472.0605 to schedule a free in-home consultation.


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