4 Tips to Keep in Mind When Caring for a Senior with Diabetes

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Tips for Diabetic Seniors in Roseville, CA

Today’s seniors are at greater risk for developing diabetes than the generations that came before. Fortunately, new advancements in early diabetes care make it possible for them to live full and happy lives. Roseville, Lincoln, and Roseville caregivers discuss these advancements and offer a few tips on providing seniors with the care they need to effectively manage diabetes.

1. Understand the Reasons for the Rise of Diabetes

It’s not difficult to figure out why older adults are experiencing diabetes diagnoses at a faster rate than ever when you take a look at the restaurants lining the freeways. The combination of more disposable income to allot toward food along with a sedentary lifestyle has created the perfect environment for diabetes to spread. Seniors and the family members providing them with Roseville home care  must decide to fight back and take advantage of the advancements science has made for preventing this disease or managing it if it has already developed.

2. Focus on Early Detection

One of the greatest advancements in diabetes care is the discovery that the condition can be reversed if it is caught in the earliest stages. Regular diabetes testing is critical for discovering how changes in a senior’s diet and exercise plan might help them prevent the disease. Seniors who have not yet been diagnosed should ask their doctors about their risk factors and have their blood sugar levels tested to find out if they are in the early stages of diabetes.

3. Encourage Mindful Eating

It sounds simple, but mindfulness can be challenging to cultivate when it comes to eating. For this reason, many physicians recommend using electronic journals to log what a senior eats each day. This helps older adults avoid mindless snacking on high-fat and sugar-loaded foods that contribute to diabetes.

4. Monitor Circulation to Prevent Amputations

Losing an arm or leg is one of the biggest fears among older adults living with diabetes. Fortunately, a group of students at Jackson State University in Mississippi have created a device called The SmartMat to gauge the temperature of a person’s feet. By measuring the temperature, poor circulation can be identified before it leads to a foot ulcer. This type of proactive treatment is easing the burden of diabetes so seniors can reduce their risk of serious complications.

If your senior loved one is living with diabetes and you need help providing the high-quality care he or she needs and deserves, reach out to Rocklin Home Care Assistance. We are a leading provider of respite and 24-hour care Roseville, CA, families can rely on, and our caregivers are trained to assist with a wide array of tasks, including exercise, meal prep, medication reminders, and transportation. For more information and to schedule a free in-home consultation, call 916.226.3737 today.


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