Rates of Hospital Readmissions for Elderly People

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What Are the Rates of Hospital Readmissions for Older People in Roseville, CA

Once your elderly parent leaves the hospital, he or she is no longer surrounded by medical professionals and state-of-the-art equipment. The responsibilities associated with a healthy recovery will be placed on you and other family caregivers as well as your loved one, which can increase the risk of readmission. Below you’ll find information on readmission statistics and what your family can do to reduce those odds.


Approximately one-third of seniors released from the hospital return within 30 days for some type of health issue. The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) reported in 2018 that 40 percent of seniors living in Ontario were readmitted to the hospital within the first month of being discharged. Keep in mind most readmissions take place in the first 30 days, but in the most severe cases, readmissions could take place as soon as one to seven days after leaving the hospital.

Causes of the Setbacks

The average length of a readmission stay is six days, according to NCBI. Most readmissions occur because of poor eating habits, improper medication management, and lack of sleep. Understanding the causes of readmissions could help you reduce your loved one’s odds of being readmitted. Instead, your loved one can reside at home, have a successful recovery, and boost the odds of restoring memories, cognitive function, and other aspects of his or her health that were affected by the accident, injury, surgical procedure, or disease that initially put him or her in the hospital.

A professional caregiver can help your parent get proper nutrition and monitor him or her for post-hospitalization complications. When searching for reliable home care agencies, families want to know their senior loved one will be well taken care of. At Home Care Assistance, our expertly trained caregivers are available around the clock to assist with tasks around the house, provide transportation to medical appointments and social events, and much more.

Questions You Should Ask

Hospitals around the world are implementing programs to prevent readmissions and are going above and beyond to ensure seniors and their family members understand what needs to be done to have a successful recovery. Medical providers generally receive training on readmissions, including the top causes, updated statistics, and more. As a family caregiver, it’s crucial that you ask as many questions as possible when going over discharge information with your loved one’s doctor, nurse, or therapist.

Some of the most important questions to ask include:

• Does my loved one need around-the-clock care?

• What medications will my parent need?

• Should my loved one follow a specific diet or exercise routine? What happens when he or she skips meals or doesn’t feel up to exercising?

• Do home modifications need to be made to simplify my loved one’s daily life?

• Are any special services required, such as physical therapy?

• What type of care is necessary?

• Who needs to be contacted if there are questions that arise after the discharge?

Some seniors only require help with a few daily tasks so they can maintain their independence. However, those living with serious illnesses may need more extensive assistance. Luckily, there is professional live-in care Roseville, CA, seniors can rely on. Home can be a safer and more comfortable place for your loved one to live with the help of an expertly trained and dedicated live-in caregiver.

Follow-Up Doctor Appointments

Lack of transportation isn’t an excuse for your loved one to miss a doctor’s visit, especially when it’s scheduled in advance. One of the top causes of hospital readmissions is the failure to follow through with appointments after being discharged. Your family needs to develop a schedule that includes doctor visits, physical therapy sessions, counseling, and any other medical appointment that’s vital to your loved one’s recovery.

A professional caregiver can be a wonderful source of support for a senior who’s recovering after being hospitalized. Roseville home care service experts are available to provide high-quality care to seniors on an as-needed basis. From assistance with mobility and exercise to providing transportation to the doctor’s office and social events, there are a variety of ways professional caregivers can help your aging loved one continue to live independently. If your loved one needs professional care, Home Care Assistance is here to help. Reach out to one of our knowledgeable, compassionate Care Managers today at (916) 226-3737.


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