Why Is Honey Healthy for the Elderly?

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Why Honey Is Healthy for Seniors in Roseville, CA

There are many ways honey can boost a senior’s health. Raw, unfiltered honey provides the most benefits because highly processed honey has been depleted of its pollen and medicinal properties. The Roseville elderly care experts at Home Care Assistance discuss a few ways honey can help seniors maintain optimum health.

Relieves Allergies

Seniors who have chronic diseases may find it more difficult to manage seasonal allergies. However, researchers have discovered the pollen found in raw, local honey may help reduce allergy symptoms. For the best results, your senior loved one should begin consuming the honey a few months prior to the allergy season.

Suppresses Coughs

Many people are aware honey can act as a soothing cough medicine. Tea or warm water with lemon and honey has long been a remedy for coughing, but studies have shown a teaspoon or two of honey alone may help alleviate coughs. For seniors with conditions like COPD or post-nasal drip, this natural cough suppressant can be a great help.

Contains Antioxidants and Nutraceuticals

The antioxidants in honey help fight several chronic conditions seniors face as they age. Your loved one should eat darker honey for maximum antioxidants. Honey also contains nutraceuticals, which help remove free radicals from the body and can protect against heart disease and even cancer.

Soothes Cuts and Burns

Skin becomes more fragile with age, increasing the risk of becoming cut or burned. Scientists have determined honey releases hydrogen peroxide through an enzymatic process, and it also has antiseptic properties. As a result, honey can be used as a topical application to soothe wounds and accelerate healing.

Boosts Energy

Olympians used to eat figs and honey to boost their energy because of the natural sugars contained within. Seniors going out for a walk in the neighborhood might consider taking a teaspoon of honey beforehand to increase their energy levels.

To learn more about senior nutrition, reach out to the elder care experts at Home Care Assistance. Our caregivers can help your loved one stay focused on a healthy diet by preparing nutritious meals and picking up the groceries he or she needs. For more information on the live-in and respite home care Roseville families trust, call one of our friendly Care Managers at 916.472.0605 to schedule a free in-home consultation.


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