6 Exciting Activities for Aging Adults on Halloween

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6 Halloween Activities for Aging Adults to Engage in in Roseville, CA

Halloween is a fun time of year when people dress up in their favorite costumes, paint pumpkins, watch themed films, and engage in other activities. There are many activities for your elderly loved one to participate in, and he or she can have a lot of fun trying to do as many as possible. Here are some fun activities seniors can do on Halloween and the benefits each activity provides. 

1. Painting Halloween Pictures 

Your loved one can paint pictures of ghosts, witches, pumpkins, and other Halloween staples to relax his or her mind. You can also purchase adult coloring books with a Halloween theme. Painting Halloween pictures is a fun activity that promotes socialization, relieves stress, increases hand-eye coordination and dexterity, and enhances quality of life. 

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2. Making Halloween Crafts 

Creativity is a great way for seniors to prevent boredom and reduce the risk of depression and other health conditions. Your loved one can decorate a pumpkin, create a witch’s broom, build a small scarecrow head, or design a Halloween lantern. Encourage your loved one to be as creative as possible. Making Halloween crafts is a fun activity that can increase concentration, hand-eye coordination, and cognitive function. 

3. Going on a Scavenger Hunt 

Your loved one can plan this activity for the grandchildren or do it with other family members and close friends. The purpose of a scavenger hunt is to keep the mind active and engaged. You can hide some Halloween-related items around the home, including small pumpkins, homemade ghost trinkets, and candies, and encourage your loved one to look for them. Participating in a Halloween scavenger hunt could boost your loved one’s mental and emotional health. 

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4. Attending a Costume Party

Choosing a Halloween costume can be fun, but wearing the costume to a theme party could be even more exciting. Attending Halloween parties is a great way for seniors to increase their social interaction, which could benefit their physical, mental, and emotional health. Your loved one will be engaged with his or her costume as well as the costumes of other partygoers, which could provide a sense of belonging, boost self-esteem, and enhance mood. 

5. Baking Halloween Treats 

Your loved one can make marshmallow ghosts, strawberry pumpkins, cat cookies, and other Halloween treats. In addition to being fun, this activity could provide your loved one with companionship. Help your loved one choose the top recipes, then go ingredient shopping and bake the treats together. Baking Halloween treats can be a collaborative process that keeps seniors and their family members and friends socially and mentally active. 

6. Watching Halloween Movies 

Throughout the month of October, your loved one can watch horror movies at home, the local theater, a senior center, or any other venue showing Halloween-themed films. You can even host a Halloween movie marathon every weekend, playing some of your loved one’s favorite films, which could keep him or her active, engaged, and happy. Watching favorite Halloween films can also spark memories and slow cognitive decline.

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