5 Strategies to Enhance Your Aging Loved One’s Heart Health

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5 Suggestions on Boosting Your Loved One's Heart Health in Rosville, CA

The risk of developing cardiovascular conditions increases with age. However, older adults can reduce their risk for heart attacks, strokes, and other health issues by adopting healthy habits. Here are five ways to boost your parent’s cardiovascular health.

1. Buy Healthy Groceries

Take a trip to the grocery together store and help your parent choose fruits and vegetables that boost cardiovascular health, like leafy greens, tomatoes, and antioxidant-rich blueberries. Lean proteins like chicken and salmon are essential as well. You can also help your loved one shop for heart-healthy foods that may not be on his or her normal shopping list, like almonds, low-fat yogurts, and lentils. 

Buying healthy groceries is just one of the many ways older adults can boost their health. Seniors who want to remain healthy as they age can benefit in a variety of ways when they receive professional home care. Roseville, CA, Home Care Assistance is here to help your loved one accomplish daily tasks, prevent illness, and focus on living a healthier and more fulfilling life.

2. Cut Out High-Fat Foods

When you go shopping with your parent, don’t just help him or her select heart-healthy foods. You should also steer your loved one away from foods and beverages with high fat and sugar contents, which can be detrimental to heart health. Red meat should be avoided, and full-fat dairy products need to be replaced with low-fat alternatives. Seniors should also avoid sugary drinks like soda and juice. As you shop with your parent, use the opportunity to see what products he or she normally buys. There are certain foods and beverages he or she may believe are healthy but are bad for heart health.

3. Encourage Regular Exercise

Exercise is an important component of any heart-healthy lifestyle. If your parent leads a sedentary lifestyle, help him or her find an enjoyable aerobic activity. Nature lovers may enjoy outdoor activities like power walking and gardening. If your parent is social, sign him or her up for a senior aerobics class at the local gym or community center. 

Older adults who need help exercising can benefit from professional in-home care. Roseville elder care experts are available to provide high-quality care to seniors on an as-needed basis. From assistance with mobility and exercise to providing transportation to the doctor’s office and social events, there are a variety of ways professional caregivers can help your aging loved one continue to live independently.

4. Track Vitals

Cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar, and weight are important indicators of heart disease. Make sure to consistently track your parent’s vital signs. Weight is easy to track with a home scale, and seniors at risk for heart disease may want to invest in a home blood pressure monitor. Even the readings taken at the doctor’s office can be deceptive, as stress can elevate readings. Testing for cholesterol and blood sugar are usually done at the doctor’s office, which means seniors should make sure to attend their annual physical.

5. Get Rid of Stress

Stress can also be a contributing factor to heart disease. If your parent always seems anxious, help him or her find a way to manage stress. Common stress-reducing activities include meditating, breathing exercises, doing yoga, and gardening. You may also want to attack the root cause of the stress. If your loved one is anxious due to lack of sleep, help him or her develop better sleep habits.

Aging in place can present a few unique challenges for older adults. Some only require part-time assistance with exercise or meal preparation, while others are living with serious illnesses and benefit more significantly from receiving live-in care. Roseville, CA, Home Care Assistance are leaders in the elderly in-home care industry for good reason. We tailor our care plans based on each senior’s individual needs, our caregivers continue to receive updated training in senior care as new developments arise, and we also offer comprehensive care for seniors with Alzheimer’s, dementia, and Parkinson’s. To create a customized in-home care plan for your aging parent, give us a call at (916) 226-3737 today.  


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